Welcome to McFarland Septic

Welcome to McFarland Septic

Welcome to McFarland SepticWelcome to McFarland SepticWelcome to McFarland Septic

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Routine maintenance is an important part of caring for your septic system. The county recommends pumping your septic tank out every three to five years. 


Inspections are a great way to tell if your system is functioning properly. They are typically done during a point of sale on a home.


We are happy to provide a quote for any work that you need done!


Repairs are our specialty! At McFarland Septic, we're not part changers. Our skilled technicians are trained to diagnose septic issues to find the root of the problem. We are capable of repairing almost any salvageable system. 

New installation

 We install every type of system that the State of North Carolina permits. Whether you need a gravity system, LPP, pump conventional, pre-treatment, drip, spray, surface discharge or engineered, we do it all!  

Filter cleaning

An effluent filter helps to catch debris from entering the drainfield. If the effluent filter gets stopped up with debris you could experience signs of back up in your home. We recommend having the effluent filter cleaned annually to prevent back ups.