Welcome to McFarland Septic

Welcome to McFarland Septic

Welcome to McFarland SepticWelcome to McFarland SepticWelcome to McFarland Septic

Help! My septic alarm is going off!


What should I do?


​1. Don't panic! Septic systems are designed with extra storage for these situations. See the formula below for more information.

2. Call us immediately so that we can come take a look at your system and determine what the issue is.

3. Silence your alarm - see the pictures below. This will stop the noise, but the red light will continue to say on until the issue is resolved.

4. Be conservative on your water usage. While you do have emergency storage in your system, there will not be an infinite supply of storage space. If all of the storage space is used, you could have effluent back up in the house and/or surface in the yard.

What should I not do?


  • DON'T put your pump in hand mode - Doing this may burn up the pump cause it to need to be replaced.
  • DON'T call the police - Seriously, this is not a 911 emergency. Just call us to come fix the problem at hand

  • Make sure that we have access to your breaker box when you schedule an appointment

Just how much storage do I have in my tank?

Septic systems are designed with extra storage so that when your alarm does go off, under normal circumstances, you should have 1 day's storage in your system. However, under normal circumstances, that will allot for 2-3 days of water usage. 

So how did we come to that conclusion?

A three bedroom septic system should have 360 gallons of storage area after the alarm sounds. To figure the number of gallons for this system, we would calculate 120 gallons per bedroom. 

(120 gallons x 3 bedrooms = 360 gallons). Most households use about 60 gallons per person, per day. With those estimations, by being conservative with your water usage, you would be okay for 2-3 days.

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